Gwlader's Journey

Discover the Terebron

A mystical object, the Terebron channels your psychic energy to let you alter reality.
Explore its ever-changing combinations and use it to guide the rescue mission on route to save the Dying God.
Beware though: whipsers say that other Terebrons exist, and that their masters are already looking for you ...

Terebron is a reflection and strategy game with simple but deep mechanics that will immerse you in a rich story with strong characters, some you will love, some you will hate. Learn more

Some sort of snow-coloured butterfly,
with immense wings,
appeared yesterday and landed
in the field next to the village.

Guide Gwlader

Twelve young people were chosen by the sages to rescue the Dying God and bring him Nebuline, the elixir that will help bring brack his memories. Guided by their Terebron, they are about to embark on a quest of which some may not see the end.

Guide the Twelve through the Forest of Illusions, cross the Black Ocean, and climb up to the Mountains of the Last Endings. Assist the leader Diakr who must above all protect her crew, and help Gwlader uncover the secrets of this God who has been calling to them. Never trust heroes with consuming ambitions, and escape from Shadows and Ogres to face Kamh the Scorpion King. Learn more

The Dying God,
in my dreams, had announced it ...
the Snow-Butterfly would bring us the

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